The 3 Most Common Ways You Can Sabotage Your Diet

It is just after Christmas and New Year’s Day, and while we are adjusting our belts and making resolutions about our diets, we always wonder why our intentions fail. What are the most common ways you can sabotage your diet?

Reason # 1: You Don’t Have a Plan

Failing to plan for weight loss is a sure-fire way to sabotage your diet. If you wake up in the morning and decide to start losing weight, your determination may be absolute. However, if you open the fridge and can’t find a fruit in there, that determination will never last. As the old saying goes: Failing to plan is planning to fail. Plan carefully what you will eat, where you can buy healthy food with the minimum of temptation, and how you’ll deal with temptation.

Reason #2: Don’t Restrict. Replace

If you decide to suddenly limit the amount of food you consume, as soon as you are hungry your body is going to revolt against you. Instead of limiting foods, rather substitute foods. That means a bag of crisps can be replaced by an apple. Or salad dressing can be replaced with olive oil. However, don’t replace sugar with sweeteners, studies have shown sweeteners to increase weight. Find out how to replace unhealthy options with healthier ones.

Reason #3: Something Else is Going On

Weight gain is often a symptom of illness. There are a host of medical conditions that can lead to weight gain. Before you start a diet, make sure you visit your doctor and get a physical, just to be sure that there are no underlying reasons for the weight gain. If the physical goes well, you can start your new diet knowing you’re getting to the real root of the problem.

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