Can Mindful Eating Really Help You Lose Weight?

In our busy, fast-paced lives, we sometimes forget to enjoy the small things. For example, we tend to look at eating as a necessary activity that will provide us with the energy we need to get through the day. However, research suggests that taking our time and enjoying our meals in a slower pace can benefit our health. One of those benefits could be weight loss.

So, is there a link between mindful eating and weight loss?

What Is Mindful Eating?

The concept of mindful eating comes from Buddhism. In Buddhism, mindfulness is defined as being aware of who and where you are, as well as everything that is happening around you. Mindfulness has often been mentioned as a good way to reduce stress and treat certain cardiovascular conditions like high blood pressure.

When applied to eating, this concept means chewing slowly, noticing all the flavors, smells, and colors in your meal, and avoiding distractions like watching TV.

Mindful Eating and Weight Loss

Research shows that this technique can be used to help with weight loss. A study by the North Carolina State University presented at the European Congress on Obesity found that savoring food and enjoying every bite can help us lose weight.

The mindfulness program used in this study doesn’t necessarily mean cutting out your favorite foods if they are high in calories. Instead, you can eat them in small amounts but make every bite count. The scientists also found that those first bites give people the most enjoyment.

Final Word

The link scientists found between mindful eating and weight loss tells us to enjoy our food and stay devoted to the moment. And, while it will certainly help your weight loss goals to cut out all unhealthy foods, there is no question that savoring every bite can increase your enjoyment and help you lose weight.

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